Review: Troll Forged Alien Assimilation

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Review: Troll Forged Alien Assimilation

Postby Gomez » Wed May 21, 2014 12:20 am

So its 18 months since Ed Fortae launched his Assimiliation Alien Host, and after 33 messages and two parcels for a $58 dollar pledge its all here. I also whacked on some extra money but there's part of my order missing so... hey ho.


There's six bodies and six different heads, although there fucking tiny and I couldn't find the sixth head or be arsed fishing out each body because there all pretty similar. A worms a worm. I really like these, and its what convinced me to pledge.. but.. there absolutely covered in grease and there very small, meaning the only chance you have of cleaning them is with a sonic cleaner. He also hasn't filled in the bottom of the worms, which means either puttying them up or sanding them down to get them to stick nice on bases. And then there's this...



This chap was limited to the kickstarter. I like him, and the cast is very nice, but he's massive. 50Mm to the very top.



I got these for some reason – I didn't pledge for them, but they are very nice. Should make good blip counters and the like but again, greasy.



Another kickstarter exclusive mini, but suffers from the same issues as the worms.



I added these from the main store. Unlike the worms these are quite sticky and tacky, and suffer from the same problems as regular worms.






These are by far the smallest models out of the whole lot. Not a big fan as they don't really match anything else... hey ho.



I didn't really like these, and I still don't, but they are fucking massive.




I love this model. Its brilliant. You can just imagine it disgorging millions of tiny worms. Comes with two heads, but does look a bit of a pain in the arse to put together.




I've backed enough kickstarters now to know that running on time never happens.. I also can't say I backed this one for the minis because I didn't – I backed it to help Ed out, because its Ed. But watching Ed cast for other kickstarters and ignoring this one has been a bit of a kick in the teeth.

I can't exactly say I didn't get my moneys worth. Overall I stumped up $72, and got another $20 in credit for free. Ed sent two parcels because of a miss pack. But I am missing one item (20 eggs priced $15) and I'm missing about half the heads from my worms.

Ed also stated that these models were designed for his resin. Whilst some do look great, its the quality of the castings which lets all of it down as is all the grease. I have no way of cleaning half this stuff up without breaking it, fat fingered bastard that I am.

But I like em.

The resin feels and looks exactly like normal resin. They're going to be great for trying out all kinds of flesh tones and blood and gore techniques. I would have been happy paying what I did just for the two queens.

Unfortunately, Ed's still got stacks of minis to make and get out to people before he actually gets any of these on the website. When he does though I'll be buying more. And a sonic cleaner.
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Re: Review: Troll Forged Alien Assimilation

Postby Ajsalium » Wed May 21, 2014 3:45 pm

Thanks for the review.

I'm waiting for the worms for my fantasy dungeon crawling. I hope once he gets all the KS stuff out he can take more time to care about quality control in the casting.
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Re: Review: Troll Forged Alien Assimilation

Postby blackfly » Wed May 21, 2014 3:47 pm

What's a sonic cleaner anyway? One of these? :)
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Re: Review: Troll Forged Alien Assimilation

Postby the imp » Wed May 21, 2014 8:28 pm

One of these.
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